There is an ancient city in Jalisco, called tequila located 45 km. To the west of the beautiful and stately city of Guadalajara, in this place have happened wonderful things I’ll tell you now…


More than 700 years ago the small tribe Nahuatlaca from Mexcaltitan, established around the valley of the now extinct volcano, “el tequila”.


They witnessed the ray of light that set the fire for the first time roasting the Mezcal pineapples that have grown in that place for more than 14 million years, this legend remains as a fact of the birth of "tepache" a magic potion that have to wait patiently for the conqueror to be distillate.


In 1530, Cristobal de Oñate founded the Santiago de tequila town and few years later they start the distillate process of wine or Tepache from Mezcal with a rudimentary still getting a mixed distillate called “Mezcal wine” precursor of now known tequila.Wonderful things happened in tequila,


The tax for “Mezcal wine” generated a wealth that hydrated the thirsty Guadalajara financing an hydraulic project for the city and building the palace government for new Galicia today known as Jalisco.In the earlys of twentieth century this drink adopts the new and elegant name “tequila”This drink inspired the Mexican films of the golden age, it sang with Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante, laughed like a child with Cantinflas jokes, and drank it with its lemon and salt the Mexico’s grandma Sarita Garcia.We are in the corner of a saloon with José Alfredo Jimenez.And that’s how our tequila crossed the Mexican borders to be known as an elixir of great category that takes in its essence the spirit of Mexico.


Is without doubt the most representative product of our homeland.